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Learn How To Day And Swing Trade Using Stochastic, MACD, Bollinger Bands Like A Pro

Why Best Trading Strategy?

Today, I want to talk about why I created best trading strategy website for the TSTW 24 traders.  What I am doing and explain more how one can learn to day trade like a pro at and be a better TSTW trader.  
Let's get started.

Using Best Trading Strategy

Obviously, not all day traders have the same experience.  Some are more experienced than others.  Normally, one should start with the first page on the left and continue to the right. 

For a more experienced day trader, he or she may start with the trading signals.  I recommend that one only go the website when one has enough time, and one is not under any pressure at all.  

One should avoid being forced to visit the website during trading sessions.  I believe that one must be prepared for day trading before the opening bell.  That is all.  I encourage TSTW 24 traders to find a good time when one has a cool head to spend one hour per visit to learn more about the system.

Best Trading Strategy In A Nutshell

I always try to simplify things, and it is with the same mindset that I am building the website for TSTW 24 traders.  I said that a TSTW 24 day trader can look for high probability trade setups on higher times frame (2H, 4H, daily, monthly or yearly).

Once one has a robust trading setup, both the entry and signals will be on the first best time frame.  

It is therefore essential that day traders know their setups and trade them.  If one has been trading without a plan, one must stop.  It always helpful to know what and how one wants to trade.

All videos at best-trading-strategy are pre recorded.  In fact 70% of them where recorded after a TSTW trader has sent in a chart with a specific question.  That is really what I want to do.  

I want the best trading strategy website to be a website built by the demand of the TWTW 24 traders.  They ask relevant questions; and I answer them by adding another page if the question is not yet answered.  That is the format.  Over the years that is how I was building the site.

New Thing I Am Barking About

The TSTW 24 was built for day traders of all levels.  It is the simplest day trading system in my opinion.  

It is a momentum day trading system because of the momentum indicators that it uses.  Talking about the new thing; that may not be applicable to more experienced day traders who always use the trading volume.  So the new thing that I am barking about is the trading volume.  

That is why I said that one can use any higher time frame setup with the TSTW 24 first best time frame.

I did not want to confuse a beginner day trader with the trading volume indicator.  That is why I have not make it one of the first component of the TSTW 24 day trading system. 

To help new traders in that regard, I stress on the fact that a TSTW 24 day trader must only trade financial instruments that move or are more liquid such as major indices, Forex but mainly major currency pairs that are friendlier, blue chip stocks, ETF and any financial instrument that has a momentum.  

Indeed, the last thing a day trader wants is to take a genuine trade without a sustainable momentum.  So we want traders to stay away from illiquid instruments.  I mean useless and unfriendly instruments that are always ending in losses.  Just stay away from them.

I recommend to all TSTW 24 day traders traders to steadily learn to master the trading volume.  

Yes, one can use the TSTW 24 day trading system as a beginner or experienced day trader who has not yet mastered the trading volume.  Nevertheless, the time will come when one wants to also take part in the trading volume setups.  I did the same thing as a beginner day trader by gradually learning to use the trading volume flawlessly both as a day and swing trader.

Allow me to say that a technical trader must master the trading volume.  I will not sugar-coat that one.  Sorry guys.


Refunding New TSTW 24 Day Traders

Please remember that one can claim a full refund within the first fourteen days after a purchase.  

This is without asking a question about why you want a refund and bla bla bla.  I only started the refund scheme in 2017.  It is fair and just.  One will keep the system, but I will not keep the money if one is not satisfied with the system within the first fourteen days.

Hopefully, that refund will help create a community of happy TSTW 24 day traders.  Never forget to ask for the full refund with that first 14 days because it makes my task much easier too.

Other Things About TSTW 24 Trading System

Apart from the best-trading-strategy website, I have writing articles that will help one to use the TSTW 24 more efficiently from the time one has purchased it.

Obviously, I will be adding more educational trading material to our following websites:

YouTube Channels

Apart from the best-trading-strategy website, I am also teaching about the Elliott wave principle at 24Elliottwaves YouTube channel.  

At Dayprotraders YouTube channel, I am teaching about Fibonacci, RSI, CCI, predictive fractals and other things.  

At 24stocktrader YouTube channel, our most recent channel, I will be talking about the technical trading of the stock market.  Most of my Forex trading videos will be added to my first YouTube channel Georgetrio.

It makes sense that TSTW traders continue to learn and improve how to day trade like a pro.  The system is just one part of the steps, but knowledge, skills and experience must be upgraded continually.


The best-trading-strategy website is a website that a TSTW 24 day trader can not skip.  

It will provide one with the knowledge and understanding that make a better TSTW 24 day trader.  As I said before, the work has began, but there are more to be done together with the TSTW 24 day traders that are asking relevant questions.

For me, it is always a pleasure to help beginner and more experienced day traders at best-trading-strategy, YouTube, our websites and many other platforms.  I am not saying that everyone will make it as a brilliant day trader, but it is worthy making it worthwhile as one joins us.

Thank you for reading.  Please do not hesitate to post relevant questions and comments at 24stocktrader YouTube channel, and in due course, I will get back to you.

I wish you the very best.
Happy Day Trading To All

This article is written by
George Beaulieu
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