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What To Do After Buying TSTW Systems?

TSTW stands for Trading Systems That Work.  I am writing this article to help a bit those who have purchased the TSTW 24 or TSTW SYS 008 trading system.  I think a good start always helps because one is not risking a penny within the first fourteen days.  Let's get started.

Who Should Buy TSTW 24 System?

Only a day trader should buy the TSTW 24.
Do not buy the TSTW 24 if you are a swing trader or investor.

Who Should Buy TSTW SYS 008 System?

That system is for swing trading only.  If you are a day trader or scalper do not buy the TSTW SYS 008.

Do TSTW Systems Use Elliott Wave or Fibonacci?

No and no.  Alright.  These are very simple trading systems that I built.  Many times, traders are shocked when they receive the TSTW systems

I like that first reaction because since 2017, I began to offer a full refund within the first fourteen days.  The first reason to that is I want traders who dismiss the system to keep it after the refund for free, and to go back to it in the future, and see how the system is built using specific market principles.

Every TSTW system is built using specific market principles.  That is their corner stone.

Note that a trading system that does not incorporate specific market principles is 100% useless.  Personally I will not use it even if it uses a fancy or complicated formula. 

What usually happens is that a useless system is violating market principles therefore is effectively distorting the price-action bit by bit.  It may work for a while, but it will surely become worthless as time passes.

The reason why I highlight that neither the TSTW 24 or SYS 008 uses Elliott wave or Fibonacci is because sometimes, traders that are following me or bought the system at or do think that way sometimes.

Do not worry if you bought the systems by mistake.  Just send me an email few days later and say "hey George, I try my best to understand the system in vain.  Can I have my full refund?  And I will refund you in full within 24 hours.

How To Get Best Out Of TSTW System?

Use a demo account within the first fourteen days so you do not risk a penny while testing the system.  You will not regret it. 

Send in relevant questions or charts to me and I will surely get back to you.

Read in full the first email of the delivery of the TSTW 24 or SYS 008 otherwise that is a very bad start.  It is important that one reads that essential email before anything else.

Ask for the full refund without shame because it is your right.  Please do so if the TSTW is not for you.

Really, it is pointless to use a system that one does not like.

I have always refunded traders who asked for a full refund within the first fourteen days since 2017.  And that is with no questions asked every time.  And everybody is happy.

Visit the corresponding website of each system and try to understand more.  Just give it a bit of chance and dig into it a bit more.  If that is not for you then get a full refund.  I think that is a fair deal.

Never rush after purchasing the system.

No rush please for any reasons.  One that is rushing can easily make a mistake.
The system will not fix your trading problems just like a magic wand.  You will learn to use it effectively to gradually improve trading and begin to reduce losses.

A trading system will never trade for you or make you rich by itself.  You are to most powerful trading tool. 

Save the system on a computer stick, and try to read it in full after the first essential email.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have a relevant question.  Keep learning and most importantly practice non stop using a demo account to gain more experience and skills.  Review losing trades to learn from past trading errors.

Lastly, be sure to read in full the following article:  Trading Tips For Technical Traders.
Do not let anything stop you.

Alright, that is it really.  I hope you will have a good start after purchasing the TSTW systems

Please do not spend a lot of money chasing system after system.  One or two good systems max that is all one needs really because one is the most powerful trading tool.  Become a better trader each day.

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I will really appreciate that. 

I wish you the very best.
Happy Trading To All.

This article is written by
George Beaulieu
Founder Of