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TSTW 24 System Explained

The TSTW stands for Trading Systems That Work. There are five TSTW trading

systems. The first three are for the public, but the last two are private. In

chronological order, TSTW 24 is the first. This article will give a clear understanding

of the TSTW 24.

Trading Software Versus A Mechanical Trading System

The TSTW 24 like other TSTW trading systems is not trading software, but a mechanical

trading system. Contrary to trading software, mechanical trading systems are written

trading rules that derive from market stable-data. Those rules combine specific technical

indicators, periods, and market conditions to identify reliable trading setups and signals.

For instance, a trader who purchases a trading system must learn and master the system

before applying it. This step is crucial because the system belongs to the author who

knows how to use it. As one also takes ownership of the trade system, one ought to learn

how to become fluent in trading it.

In contrast to a trading robot, a mechanical trading system allows a trader to recognize and filter

out false signals instead of relying solely on the trading software that is exhibiting buy or

sell trading signals.

The Purpose Of The TSTW 24 Trading System

The primary function of the TSTW 24 trading system is day trading. If one is a day trader

who trades currencies, indices, crude oil, gold, silver, futures or blue chip stocks (or stocks

that listed on the main indices), one will find the TSTW 24 very useful.

How to use the TSTW 24 System

The trading drill for the TSTW 24 is very simple. Considering that all trading signals derive

from a valid trading setup, TSTW 24 traders must first find a high probability trade setup

before entering the trade on the first best time.

For example, if a stock rises to a target price and the stochastic exhibits a bearish divergence

on the daily chart, a TSTW 24 trader will only enter the trade on the first best time frame.

It does not matter whether it is a yearly, monthly, weekly or four-hour chart trade setup,

one will enter the trade on the first best time frame.

Though the system is very straightforward and easy to use, it is carefully built, taking into

consideration few market stable-data.

In few words, to use the TSTW 24, one will first identify a valid trade setup on periods

higher or equal to the thirty-minute chart. The next is to enter the trade on the first best


TSTW 24 Trading Signals

There are six specific trading signals. Three are bullish, and the other three are bearish.

The bullish trading signals are

triple green, double green and single green.

Bearish trading signals are

triple red, double red and single red.

Note that bearish trading setups generate bearish trading signals and vice versa. Moreover,

a trading setup is more important than a trading signal.

The first best time frame

The power of the TSTW 24 resides in the first best time frame. Moreover, by applying the

specific technical indicators on the first best time frame, one can detect the beginning of

a trend without using the lagging ADX technical indicator.

TSTW 24 System Website

When one purchases the TSTW 24 trading system, one will receive a unique username and

password. With that, he or she will access series of pre-recorded trading video tutorials.

Those tutorials

help traders to become more fluent in using the trading system.

Each time a TSTW trader asks a relevant and essential question, a video response is recorded

and posted on

Often, when somebody purchases a trading system, he or she does not have any more

contact with the seller. Contrary to other trading systems, a TSTW 24 trader can always

contact me even after two years if he needed any trading support. He or she can always

access trading video tutorials at


Important Point

It is not sufficient to buy the TSTW 24. Indeed, a TSTW trader becomes a better day trader

if he or she get more support and apply more efficient trading tips from


TSTW 24 System Pricing

The price has varied over the years. In fact, it is cheaper to buy the TSTW 24 nowadays than

before. As more traders from around the world are entering the financial markets, some do

not have means to afford expensive trading systems. Consequently, we have gradually cut

the price and today one can purchase the TSTW 24 trading system at £68.00.

How To Become A Better TSTW 24 Trader?

The first thing one should do is to buy the system.

The second step is to make sure that your PayPal account email is your primary email. All

TSTW24 support email will be sent to that email address.

Your primary contact is your PayPal account email. If one is not using that email, one may

miss essential TSTW support email.

The third step is to find time to check out relevant educational videos at

Most traders who love the TSTW 24 are those who build their skills at

The fourth step is to ask questions.

Please ask questions because it will help.

Moreover, there are no wrong questions.

In fact, during the few two weeks, we are expecting new traders to ask more questions

than ever. If there is a losing trade, a misunderstanding or one needs more explanation,

one has a valid reason to contact us.

The fifth step is to read in full the first

Email that we send when we are delivering the system. It is always a bad start if one just

downloads the system and start using it.


What Do You Get When You Purchase

The TSTW 24 System?


1/ TSTW 24 trading system.

2/ NYSE 24 (a trading material that reveals essential trading setups).

3/ Free Swing 240 trading system.

4/ TSTW KEY 01.


How o you contact us?

You will contact us directly via our number one Gmail. If you are a TSTW 24 trader, do not

contact us via our website.  We give priority to TSTW 24 traders but via our Gmail.


Where Can I buy The TSTW24 System?

Go to

and click on Web store then select TSTW 24.

Can I buy the TSTW 24 without PayPal?

No, we only accept Pay Pal.



The TSTW 24 is shockingly simple day trading system that continues

to stand its ground in the financial markets. Though it is an essential day trading tool, those

who use it are the decision makers who continue to interpret the price and apply the relevant

tips and tricks from the TSTW 24 website. A valid trading system in the hands of a trader who

does not repeat the six biggest trading mistakes is a powerful trading tool.


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