Stochastic, MACD, Bollinger Bands Plus Day And Swing Traders

Learn How To Day And Swing Trade Using Stochastic, MACD, Bollinger Bands Like A Pro

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Trading without the daily pivot levels is trading blindly

The first priority of a day trader is to follow long term trend through the short term.  Use TSTW SYS08

Do not trade against the first best time frame when day trading

Short term cycles and medium cycles
form long term cycle.  The long term
cycle commands both short and medium cycles.
First thing to check is the long term cycle.
Psychological price level

The psychological price level or PPL is a thin dividing

line between a bullish and bearish trading zones.





Bearish trend

Line chart


Bullish days

It does not matter which way the market is going;

if it goes up or down, the master key day

trading system will cream it consistently.

No questions about that.



Master key day trader

How can you buy on the four hours chart

when the slow stochastic is overbought? 

Day trading is a competition. When one is buying, another is selling. 

Different time frames give different information,

but there is Master Key Day Trading.

For more information about the slow stochastic

and the thirteen specific stochastic patterns, visit

stochastic patterns


Bulls and bears

Markets stable datum

Stop loss


Single red signal


The single red signal is

a bearish signal given by the TSTW24. It alerts the trader, to look only for opportunities to sell and to disregard the next bullish signal.

With the TSTW24, trading is similar to driving because one knows and understands the code of the price

Bullish signals

There are three bullish signals:

Single green

Double green

Triple green.

Now it is possible to understand what is going on.


Trading mindset

Fluent in trading

Trading systems

Our Trading Tools are






Apart from the TSTW, we have the

Master Key For Day Trading and the Swing240



Line chart traders

Trading tip

 More about trading tips

Every professional trader has a trading system.

A trading system is a trading tool.  Each trading tool

must be tested and retested during live trading until,

it passes the test of more than 70% winning rate. 

Trading tools that do not work must be discarded

without second thought.



Bullish zone

Trading rule



TSTW and others

A stable data

High probability trade set ups




Superior trading tool

Number one indicator

The price is the number one indicator.

The second TSTW


Thank for purchasing the TSTW SYS 08.
The TSTW SYS 08 is the second in the group of five TSTW.  We were very reluctant to release it, but now you have it.  You can now Start enjoying your trading as we had been enjoying our  own trading since the creation of this simple but powerful trading tool.  TSTW stands for Trading Systems That Work.

TSTW SYS 00008

Trading signals





It is not OK to lose consistently and no

one is born a loser.

However, some are born lucky, at the same time 

some use tools that work.

TSTW has given to former losers, non consistent

winners and new traders the ability and the

power to enjoy their trades.  Trading can be enjoyed


Bearish pressure


tells traders when the trend is strong and when

the trend is weak without the lagging ADX indicator.

This is unique. It also locates the end of the trend.



Trading decisions

TSTW recommends the use of stop loss in all trades. 

Only mad traders do not use stop

loss.  As a trader, our first priority is to protect our

trading capital at all cost and to use tools

that work.  Once we enter the trade, we must

manage the trade and the risks in order

to enjoy the trade instead of enduring it.  One 

should always consider the risk-reward ratio

before entering the trade.  Trade like a pro or

learn to trade like a professional

TSTW is for those who are serious about trading. 

If you are not serious about trading 

please do not trade.


Trading the price


Double Green Signal on the daily chart, makes swing

trading looks like father christmas

Successful swing trading either with the TSTW24 or

with TSTW SYS 08 is easy and  achievable.

Trading is timing, nothing more, nothing less. 

A time to buy, a time to sell and a time to step

aside because of the poor risk-reward ratio or

the magnitude of the risks involved

Trading triangle

When the market is going down look only

for securities to sell, but when it is going

up look for tradables that are bullish.

Do not trade against the market or the trend

Remember, timing is everything.  Trading is timing

Market profile tips

When the market is trending up or down, it is inbalanced.

When it is consolidating, it is considered as balanced.

When the bulls are dominating the bears, there is a bullish trade.

The price will display higher lows and higher highs until it

fails to display a new higher high. 

On the other hand, a bearish trend is confirmed when the bears take control.  The price

displays lower lows and lower highs until it fails to display a new

lower low. Equal lows and equal highs indicate a balanced market, neither bulls nor bears are the winners.  The chart above is an example

of a balanced market.  During a consolidation period, one must sell at the upper level of resistance and take profit at the base.  Buy at the base and take profit when the price reaches the resistance zone.  Though this type of trading method looks so easy, one should always use a stop loss.

Good luck 








Market does not always trend.  It will trend, consolidate and trend again. Market patterns are:


It is the same story all times


Use trending tools in trending times

Use oscillator indicators such as RSI, WILLIAM %R during consolidation or pause periods.

Good luck 


Traders goal

The time has come to give traders trading tools that work.

It is our duty and goal to give to traders tools that work.

Nothing more, nothing less.  No more non sense. 

And we will not rest until we achieve this goal.

Few traders can recognised

when the trend is weak or when it is strong.

TSTW24 shows when the trend is weak and

when the trend is strong without the lagging ADX


Price and indicators

Our websites are