Stochastic, MACD, Bollinger Bands Plus Day And Swing Traders

Learn How To Day And Swing Trade Using Stochastic, MACD, Bollinger Bands Like A Pro

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Time Frames Of Swing Trading

I was often asked the question: what is the best time frame for a swing trader?

Truly, the best swing trading time frame is relative to each trader. However, most 

beginner swing traders only use the daily chart. Nevertheless, as those new swing 

traders begin to gain more experience, they abandon the daily chart, and switch to 

the weekly chart. Truly, it is better to be a weekly chart swing trader.
Furthermore, a professional swing trader should be able to swing trade on any time 

frame higher or equal to the daily chart. Moreover, the key to a successful swing 

trading is to know how to combine the top-down trading method, and trading 

triangle. A swing trader should endeavour to master the different times frame 

trading method. Surely, by mastering the top-down trading method, a swing trader 

can compete with more experience technical traders in the financial markets without 

losing his shirt.

What Is Your preferred Swing Trading
Time Frame.

Without doubt it has to be the monthly chart. My first preference before the weekly 

chart is the monthly chart. One may say that: so you do not swing trade on the daily 

chart? Surely, I do, but I like to use moving averages on the daily chart in conjunction 

with the monthly chart key levels.

One can also argue that there is no such thing like best swing trading time frame, but 

only one own best swing trading time frame.
Yes, it all comes down to what time frame one is using more successfully.
So I will argue that one should try various higher time frame until one. identifies
the most reliable and profitable time frame.

One should always remember the first two important things for a profitable swing 

trading are the top-down trading method and trading triangle.

Why Am I More Of A Monthly Chart Swing Trader?

I like the monthly chart because it helps to check on the daily and yearly charts swing 

traders. Indeed, the signal time frame for the monthly chart is the daily chart. So there 

is a high chance when the monthly chart swing trading signal is activated on the daily 

chart, some daily chart swing traders will use that signal as a swing trading set-up. 

Furthermore, the monthly chart is also the signal time frame for the yearly chart traders. 

In every case, if my monthly chart trading set-up coincides with the yearly chart position 

traders' signal, they too will be getting ready to enter a position trade. Both yearly and 

daily charts technical swing traders are effectively helping the monthly chart swing traders. 

Therefore, those are few reasons why I prefer the monthly chart. Nevertheless, that does 

not make the monthly chart the only best time frame for swing trading.

Do You Only
Swing Trade The Monthly Chart?

Not all. I can swing trade on the daily, weekly, quarterly and yearly charts.
Once, one has mastered the different times frame trading, one is free to select one own 

best swing trading time frame.  It is all down to your trading style, and what is working 

best for you after testing various swing trading strategies on

different times frame.

Should One Swing Trade On The Daily Chart?

Yes, but one must always connect the daily chart to the higher time frames (preferably 

the monthly chart) by using daily moving averages, and higher times frame' key levels 

and channels. We will be talking about how to connect the daily chart to the higher time 

frames on YouTube or in another article.

Reason why many swing traders do fail

1/ The first reason is because they think it is easy to swing trade, but the reality is far from 

it. As a swing trader, one must master how to combine the top-down trading and trading 

It is not as easy as many may think.

2/ The second reason is because most new swing traders do not give themselves enough 

time to master how to swing trade.
Give yourself enough time to learn how to combine different times frame trading and trading 

triangle. For one trader, it may take up to six months, but another swing trader may take nine 

months, a year or more. The question is are you ready? Have you mastered swing trading like 

a pro?
If not, do not be discouraged. Continue to improve steadily.

3/ The third reason is that many traders are truly day traders, but they believe that they could 

do better as a swing trader.
Are you a typical day trader or swing trader? Do you make more better trading decisions when 

day trading than swing trading? Those are the questions one should honestly answer.

4/ The fourth reason is because many times a new swing will repeat the same old swing trading 

errors without knowing or doing anything about it. Are you in that situation? Start doing 

something about it.

Always review every trade, and most importantly, the losing ones. Note down the mistakes, and 

find out the best way to fix them. Upgrade your ability to swing trade bit by bit by handling past 


Apart from those reasons, one should also learn how to set stop-loss correctly as a swing trader 

or use put and call options for swing trading. Also be sure there is enough money to fund the swing 

trade. Take the correct step to manage your swing trades. Do not place too many swing trades at 

once if you are still learning. Like a
farmer checks the seasons before he sows a seed, align your swing trading strategy with the 

market environment.

Other Weird Swing Trading
Times Frame

Professional swing traders that dislike the daily chart use instead 2-day or 3-day charts. The 

TC-2000 trading software allows swing traders to use 2-day and 3-day chart.
Other swing traders also use 2-week or 3-week chart instead of the weekly chart.
Those who do not want to use the monthly chart use 4-week chart because a normal monthly 

chart may be formed of five weeks (week as five days week instead of seven).

What Usually Happens?

A typical swing trader usually begins to swing trade on the daily chart because he does not yet 

grasp the multiple view points chart analysis ( or chart analysis from different angles). Therefore, 

he is happy with the daily chart for now. However, as he or she is understanding more what swing 

trading like a pro is all about, he begins to check the weekly chart though he is still using the daily 

chart swing trading set-ups. He is maturing like a child that is growing without noticing it. During 

that learning curve, his eyes start opening more widely, he can see clearly and spot better trading 

opportunities on the weekly chart. Consequently, he or she will say something like this: I would 

rather use the weekly chart instead of daily. From now on, he will be looking for swing trading 

set-ups on the weekly chart. Then one day, he wonders what is a top down trading method. He 

thought it would be amazing to connect multiple or different times frame. In the end, he switches 

to the monthly chart because he can now connect the monthly, daily and hourly chart like a 

professional trader. Now the sky is the limit, nothing can stop him or her any more. He is turning into 

a fully fledged swing trader, and he knows it.

The final thing that one will find is that it does not matter whether one is using daily, weekly or monthly 

chart for swing trading purposes, but how one is timing the financial markets by combining different 

times frame trading method and trading triangle.
After all, one question remains. What is your best swing trading time frame and why?