Stochastic, MACD, Bollinger Bands Plus Day And Swing Traders

Learn How To Day And Swing Trade Using Stochastic, MACD, Bollinger Bands Like A Pro

Swing Trading Q&A

1/ What is swing trading?

2/ A professional trader swing trades the medium term trend instead

of the short term. Y/N?

3/ A professional swing trader usually enters the trade on a short-term

trend time frame. Y/N?

4/ What is a top-down trading method or multiple time frames trading


Check out What Is A Multiple Time Frames Trading Method?

5/ Why do professional swing traders apply a top-down trading method?

6/ Short-term trends develop into medium trends. Y/N?

7/ Medium term trends often turn into long-term trends. Y/N?

8/ What is the first thing that a professional swing trader checks?

9/ The second thing that a pro swing trader checks is

a/ the market,

b/ the sector,

c/ or the financial security he or she is trading?


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10/ Why does an expert swing trader always authenticate the trading

setup on another upper period?

11/ The third thing that a swing trader ought to check after the market

and the sector is the financial security itself. Y/N?

12/ To check the financial security, a swing trader will verify the relating

financials, news, balance sheet and perform Google finance acid test? Y/N?

13/ How to perform the Google finance acid test like Georgetrio You Tube


14/ Name three high probability swing trade setups.

Check out these Four High Probability Trade Setups One Should Know

15/ Name three factors that can alter the dynamics of a thorough technical


16/ What is the medium term trend of the weekly chart?

17/ Taking into consideration the weekly chart as a long-term trend, what

is its corresponding short-term trend?

18/ Taking into account the monthly chart as a long-term trend, what is its

corresponding medium term trend?

Check out this webpage for answers

19/ In view of the yearly chart as a long-term trend, what is its

corresponding short-term trend?

20/ Considering the annual chart as a long-term trend, what is its

corresponding medium term trend?

21/ Considering the yearly chart as a long-term trend, what is its

resultant short-term trend?

22/ Considering the quarterly chart as medium term trend, what is

its matching short-term trend?

23/ Why do swing traders take into account the market cycles?

Check out What Is A Cycle

24/ How to swing trade on the weekly chart like a pro?

25/ How to swing trade on the monthly chart like a pro?

26/ How to swing trade on the daily chart like a pro?

Know How To Swing Trade On The Daily Chart Like A Pro

27/ What is a position trading?

28/ What is the differentiation between a swing trader and position


29/ Give an example of a steadfast trading volume trade setup for

a swing trader.

29/ Why do swing traders visit Yahoo or Google finance website?

30/ What is the number one website for currencies trading

economic news?

Check out The Economic Calendar

31/ Name at least two fundamental analysis swing trade setups.

32/ Why do swing traders examine the current market environment?

Check out Biggest Trading Mistakes Breach Of Market Environment

33/ In few words, explain why it is better to use the two-day chart

than the daily

for swing trading setups.

34/ Who is a specialist swing trader?

35/ Why most swing traders prefer to enter their trades on Tuesdays

instead of the first day of the week?

36/ What differ a day trader from a swing trader?

37/ Name three earnings seasons during a financial year.

38/ Why do the majority technical swing traders lose during the earnings


39/ Which Elliott Wave offers the best risk-reward ratio to an active swing


40/ How a swing trader can easily spot the smart investors’ activities in

the financial market?

41/ How to exploit the trading volume for swing trading purposes?

Check out Volume Stocks Trading

42/ Why do professional swing traders favour market indicators to technical


Check out Market Watch

43/ What is hedging?

44/ How a swing trader can hedge a bullish portfolio?

45/ How a swing trader can hedge a bearish position?

46/ Why is hedging a fundamental part of a profitable swing trading


47/ Why do swing traders concentrate on high probability trades?

48/ Why the first higher low after a double bottom is high probability bullish

swing trade setup?

49/ Explain why a double bottom chart pattern in the zone between the fifty

and sixty-one point eight percent Fibonacci retracement levels is by and large

a high probability bullish trade setup?

Check out A Fibonacci Trader Is Discussing An Effective Fifty Per Cent

Fibonacci Retracement

50/ Explain in forty words the reasons why professional traders scrutinize

the 138.2% Fibonacci extensions level.

 Check out 138.2% Fibonacci Extension



51/ Clarify why clever swing traders

enter their trades on Tuesdays instead of Mondays.

52/ What are the six critical price levels that professional swing traders

bring into play?

Check out Trading Critical Price Levels

53/ Name two distinct psychological price levels that a swing trader

can make use of.

Check out 1/ How To Trade The First Psychological Price Level

                   2/ How To Trade The Second Psychological Price Level

                  3/ How to recognize a psychological price level

54/ How to set a profit target like a swing trader?

55/ How to enter a swing trade like a pro?


56/ Continuation gaps present the best risk-reward ratio to active

swing traders. Agree or disagree?

Check out Trading Gaps Method Two

57/ Name a precise gaps swing trading method.

58/ Name at least five critical swing trading mistakes.

59/ What are the seven biggest trading mistakes by dayprotraders?

Check out Biggest Trading Mistakes

60/ Name the three market patterns that professional swing traders

do not violate.

61/ Valid bullish chart patterns often take place on or near a critical

support level.

Agree or disagree?

62/ Valid bearish chart patterns often come to pass on or near a

key resistance level. Agree or disagree?

63/ Explain why a swing trader ought to focus on bullish trade

setups in a bullish trading zone.

64/ What is a bullish market-trading zone?

Check out Market trading zones

65/ Explain why a swing trader ought to focus on bearish trade

setups in a bearish market-trading zone.

66/ Why some devilish traders pay no attention to the real 61.8%

Fibonacci retracement and focus instead on the oddly 66% retracement?

Check out Fibonacci retracements

67/ A top-down trading method consists of using at least two time

frames? Agree or disagree?

68/ If a swing trader is entering the trade on the hourly chart, what

are the exact setup and signal time frames?

69/ If a swing trader is entering the trade on the fifteen-minute chart,

what are the right setup and signal time frames?

Look for answers here

70/ How to exit a swing trade like a pro?

71/ Explain in few sentences the five percent money management

rule to a beginner swing trader.

72/ What is a defensive swing trading?

73/ Explain why a swing trader should endeavor to master the wave


Check out Wave Principle Trading

74/ Tell us the two most important Fibonacci levels of a regular

shrewd swing trader.

75/ What is a validation of a support level?

76/ What is the confirmation of a valid resistance level?

77/ How to develop the mindset of a professional swing trader?

78/ Swing trading requires less stop-loss than day trading.

Agree or disagree?

Check out my: How I Set My Stop Loss Like A Pro When Trading

79/ Professional swing traders always trade first the market, and

then sector before the financial instrument itself. Agree or disagree?

80/ Most average swing traders trade first the financial security then sector

before the market. Agree or disagree?

81/ It is delusional to apply the technical analysis single-handedly and

bypass basic fundamental analysis or economic news when one is

swing trading.

Agree 100% or Agree more than 100%

82/ The art of accurate swing trading consists of aligning short, medium

and long-term trends with a market friendly environment and fundamentals.

Agree or more than agree?

83/ What does it take to become a fully-fledged swing trader?

84/ It may take a new trader up to four years to come to the top of the

game of swing trading. Agree or disagree?

85/ Name three YouTube channels that aim to teach swing traders

how to swing trade like a pro.

Check out GeorgetrioChannel, 24ElliottWavesChannel,

and DayProTradersChannel.

86/ Name three free educational websites that aim to teach swing

traders how to swing trade like a pro.

Check out Stochastic-MACD, 24ElliottWaves, and DayProTraders.

87/ Name a simple swing trading eBook that can quickly enhance

swing trading.

88/ Are you a typical swing trader, scalper, position trader, day

trader, investor or muddy gambler?

89/ Jot down on a piece of paper your five most cherished swing trading

mistakes, and stick it onto a wall. Do not remove it until you fix them.

If they take hold of you again, then restart the process until you are

liberated from those cute, but pricey swing trading bad habits.

Best wishes and happy swing trading.


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