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Learn How To Day And Swing Trade Using Stochastic, MACD, Bollinger Bands Like A Pro

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This an email sent to a new trader


 Hello Trader
We are glad to start moving forward with the TSTW24,
and we know  you are serious about trading.  Before,
you start everything, have a goal and focus on it.  Let
all your efforts rotate around that goal and you will have
all odds in your favor.  Failure, as I
always like to define it; is missing the point or missing
the goal.

Your goal should be:  to trade like a pro or to be a
better trader increasingly, or to master
the TSTW24 or to gain the best abilities to trade.  
That is all.

The ability to be a better trader is superior to the
ability make money trading.  If you
are a better trader, you can make money consistently.
If you lose, you will be able to
recover the loss.  What I am saying here is my personal
view but I thought I should let 
you know.  The decision will always be yours.

Never ever trade with money, you can not afford to
lose.  Never; period.  NEVER.
Your hard earned money should never be wasted in trading.  
It is painful, it is
bitter, it is sour and it is unfair on yourself and on your family.

I have been through it, I know that pain in the stomach.
It is horrible. 
I am glad that I have survived like few other traders.  
However, some did not survive.  This is sad but life is
not all about trading.
A failure in trading is not a failure in everything.  There
are other things that one can do in life.
Nevertheless, we can avoid those losses if we take
tested measures or precautions
or at least minimize the loss.  Please feel free to go to to read My Story.
As a trader, your priority is to protect your trading capital.  
Do not compromise on that.
Use guarantee stop loss.
Do not expose more than five per cent of our trading
account to risks.
If you open five trades, the total sum of those five trades
should not exceed five per cent of your trading account.  
Be very selective, and take only trades that have
high probability of success.  No trade is 100% risks free.  
Each trade contains some elements of risks.  We must
control, manage and handle risks at all times

Some are born lucky but some use trading tools that
work.  Some are born talented but 
some learn and work hard to gain skills.  We believe
you can, if you truly want to.  Please, take time to learn and
to master the TSTW24. There is no need to rush.
Test it, retest it, drill it and own it.
TSTW24 is carefully designed to achieve consistent
winning trades, nothing more and nothing less.  We aim
to assist you in your goal to be a better trader and to
achieve consistent winning trades.  Many can trade
but few can achieve consistent winning trades.  
This is the challenge.  More than eighty per cent of
traders are losing consistently and abundantly.  
It is scary, and something urgent need to be done.  
Should you run away or should you quit?

As Mr Trump always says:  Never ever quit.
I also like to say to you:  always test and retest before
use.  Never ever stop learning.
We hope, you will find this email useful, that it will
encourage you in becoming a better trader.
Until the next time, enjoy yourself and be very happy
Thank You


Email from a trader


Hi George,

I purchased your TSTW 24 trading system

a little while ago. 

I have put a lot of effort into understanding

the system and what to look for.  Have

recently had some time to put it to the test

on a demo account and I have been

pleasantly rewarded.  Thank you for a simple

and easy to follow system.  I just love it

and find it to be a system which suits my

personality, therefore I believe I will be

able to stick to all the rules.

I just wanted to ask a couple of questions if

I may:........................................ 

Hoping you can offer some advice.

Thanks Again


Georgetrio's email to a TSTW24 trader


Hi S.

Thank you for contacting us.  We are delighted to know
that you have spent serious amount of time to test and retest
the TSTW24.  We understand that, you are serious about trading
and we will do our best to assist you in enjoying your trading.

To answer your questions, note that:...................................
In trading nothing remains black or white because we are dealing
with fear, greed, and emotion.  With more experience, slowly
but surely, you will develop your own trading style with the
TSTW24 codes of trading.  
From this week, we will be sending out emails
to assist traders in mastering each signal.  It looks like you are
reading our mind. 
We hope, we have answered your two questions correctly.  
If you have further queries, do not hesitate to contact us,
and we will surely get back to you.

We wish you the very best in your trading and until
the next time enjoy yourself and be very happy.

Thank You



Trading the opening bell

Email from a TSTW24 trader


Hi George,
Thank you for your support emails. I have been on vacation recently and just got back home in time to
celebrate Thanksgiving. I will review all your recent emails soon and follow your guidelines in trading using the updated TSTW24 system. Thank you very much and Happy Thanksgiving to you.


Email sent to a TSTW24 trader

Hi X

Thanks for your email and welcome home

We hope, you enjoyed yourself very much and  

rested a bit.  We wish you a very happy thanksgiving day

You can now follow us on Facebook.!/pages/Stochastic-Macd/167229186641699?v=wall

Thank you

Speak soon


Questions from a person looking forward to buying TSTW24

Hello George, 

Thank you for the prompt answer. I have watched almost all your videos, and I can see the power of the system.

Your videos have really opened my eyes to the stupid mistakes I have been making as I watch my account

balance disappear for two years now. I am wondering how the signals are put on my charts. Do you email

me everyday where to put the signals, or is the document a software program?  How do the green or red

signals get on my charts? Do I use my own new knowledge to pick the spots, or do you tell me, or is there a web

site I go to for the latest signals? I hope I have made my confusion clear.

Thanks again, Tom

Email sent to a new TSTW24 trader

Hi Chris

When you receive a single green signal followed immediately by a

triple red, you must disregard that triple red signal.

When you receive a single red signal followed by a triple green

signal, you must disregard that triple green signal.

We will send you another email regarding the double green signals.

Thank you


Email sent by a TSTW24 trader after watching our Youtube videos

I was thinking about a way of using correlations as entry filter but

you worked out the whole for me just now.

Everyone else is racking their brains on what to do when the DOW opens.

I just have to look at what did happen during the London session!

Stay healthy and get wealthy


Email from a leading TSTW24 trader


Have you taken a look at options?

I'm going to be drawing down my EXPANDING account and placing my money

in other markets to play as well.

Well back testing using my knowledge of price I'm getting results with

equity options that rival fx.

E.g. a total of $10 risk buying a PUT that worth $75 only 3 days later!

Remember these are options your max risk is Guaranteed!

10 dollars was the most I could've lost.

Another was $45 into $800 in a week!

If you know where the underlying is going (and we do) you can buy

simple PUTs & CALLs for unreal growth.

George if I travel to Britain (and I may) I'm taking you and family

out to dinner.




Email from a TSTW24 trader

George you need to write something like this for your sites.


It demonstrates clearly the importance of risk management.


I have to thank you George.

Your TouTube videos made something click in me.


They turned me from a slightly OK trader into a monstrously profitable one.

I’m doubling my account almost every month!


I had a great deal of theoretical knowledge but I wasn’t paying

attention to the PRICE.

Yes the PRICE.

he thing right in front of my face.

Now it Childs play.

I can come up with a new winning system per day.

Thank you

Email sent to TSTW24 traders


This is about tips and tricks of the opening bell

using the TSTW24.  Please open the attachment

to read.

Thank you


Trading questions from a TSTW24 trader


Hi George,
Thank you for your detailed answers. I have a couple of more questions about swing trading if you don't mind.
1. You mentioned to trade in the direction of the trend, do you mean the trend of the general market (SPX) or the trend of the individual stock?
2. You mentioned high probability swing trades. Are the highest probability swing trades breakouts and continuation patterns? I currently observe stocks that form triangles, pennants, flags etc. and buy them on breakouts. They seem to be high probability to me. Also, I would trade stocks that are just about done with retracement and should go the direction of the general trend. They also seem high probability because they are continuing from the previous move.
3. How can we know when the general market will trend again? To follow the market, do we need at least 1 day of price action confirmation before making trades? Is it better to be a bit late than early? It seems difficult to anticipate the market. Should we only follow when the market strongly confirms the next trend?
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.


A reply email from a TSTW24 trader

 Hi George, after thinking about what you mentioned. I have been watching the stock market on the 1st hour of open and i see what you meant by it being very important. In the morning you may get a better entry point. Traders may also be able to understand what to expect from the market before the open by reading financial news like from yahoo. It can give traders an advantage. So from now on I will watch the market for the 1st hour. Thank you very much for your help. I was wondering when do you think the SYS 08 will be released to the public?


Message sent to a Youtube friend

 Hi Tayxxxxxxx

It is always a pleasure to know that a trader finds our videos useful and that he or

she is putting them into practice.  We would like to thank you for your support and for

posting our videos onto your channel.  You are a special friend. Thank you.

Our free trading
system, the TS2050 is part of our hidden powerful tools that we are 

giving away for free.  Please learn to master it like a professional.


The video about the TS2050 is posted on, click on Free

Trading Systems.  It is part of the Smart Trading section (password protected) at only accessible to both TSTW SYS 08 and TSTW SYS 008traders.  If you are ready to purchase our trading systems, chose the TSTW SYS 008. 

We will  give you 20% discount, so you will only pay £320(Sterling pounds),

equivalent of $512 (US Dollar).  We are giving you this discount only because we

consider you as aspecial friend.  

When you buy the TSTW SYS 008,  you will also get for free the TSTW SYS 08(the

unfair advantage trading system) and the Swing 240 trading system.  So you get three trading systems for the price of one.

There is no need to rush, take time to get ready but do not rush .

What we say to traders is this: if you are a TSTW SYS008 trader and you are not 

enjoying your trade, you must quit trading altogether because this is the proof that

 trading is not for you.  It is a tough thing to say but money is involved.  The TSTW

SYS 008 is the game changer.  That is it.  Why are we talking to you like this? 

Because we know you are serious about trading and we want the very best for you in

your trading.

Just one thing you need to remember:  if after one year, you are still trading, or two

years, or five years, the TSTW SYS 008  is what harvests profit in this crazy market.

Our first priority is to protect our trading capital at all cost.  We do not and can not

compromise on that.  Always use stop loss and never give away your hard earned

money for free.

There is a time to buy, a time to sell but more importantly, a time to step aside.  If

the trade is not worthy the risks do not enter but step aside and watch.  Lastly, stay

away from over trading and adopt the mindset of a pro.

Nothing can stop you, except you, but always stick to the five per cent rules. 

Never expose more than five per cent of your whole trading account to risks. 

Five per cent, no more, no more, no more.  That is it.

You can do it.  We wish you the very best in your trading and until the next time,

enjoy yourself and be very happy.

You may add our email to your contact:

Do not hesitate to contact us about trading issues, and we will surely get back to you.


Reply to Juaxx xxxxxxx  (30th Jan 2011)

Hi Juaxx

Nice to hear from you.

We will be in touch by tomorrow evening the latest.

No worries.

We wish you the very best in your trading, and until the next time

enjoy yourself and be very happy.

Speak soon




TSTW  24

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Email from TSTW SYS 08 trader (30th Jan 2011)
Hi Georgetrio:
I am very pleased with your trading sys TSTW-SYS-008.  I'm learning it, also the
TS20-50.  I find it pretty awsome,
please advise me a little more on this TS20-50 if possible ,like other indicators used
along with this sys.
I also would like to ask you to please send me the FREE TS333.
Thanks again for giving me the hope concerning the FOREX, I can see myself making
good consistent trades-
thanks to your systems.
Juaxx  xxxxxxxx(Houston-Texas).