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Precise Swing Trading 

Image is reflecting the result of a precise swing trading.

Precise Swing Trading consists of taking precise swing trade signal that one has mastered. Truly a precision guided swing trader will not trade any swing trade set-up that he or she has not mastered. In fact, precise swing trading is about swing trading only a compilation of specific swing trades that one understands, and has traded profitably many times.

A typical precision guided swing trader may only swing trade four to ten high probability
swing trades. He is only interested in those, and most importantly delight in swing trading them at every opportunity.
He or she will not waste time or resources looking for something else.
Though there are similarities between a specialist swing trader and precision guided swing trader, the specialist trader, specialises in swing trading only specific financial instruments. One can be a specialist Gold and silver swing trader or American indices trader.

How To Begin A Precise Swing Trading?

1/ Compile a list of four or five
high probability swing trade set-ups that you like.
2/Learn to master them.
Thoroughly, understand how they form.
Know where and how they form plus how to trade them.
Spend time to demo trade them many times to gain skills and experience. Simply become an expert in trading them.
When you are ready to trade live, take one swing trade at a time and manage it until you harvest profit.

In all cases follow the trading drill (set-up, signal, entry at a low risk entry point).
Always adhere to the trading triangle.

When a losing trade does occur, review the trade, and gather the real cause of the loss. Keep improving.

If a trading set-up becomes less reliable after many attempts, do not hang onto it, but use only those that are reliable.

Remember, your aim is to become a precision guided swing trader.

Things That Help Precise Swing Trading

1/ Master the top down swing trading.
2/ Use the trading triangle.
3/ Be selective (only trade rewarding trading set-ups that you understand and master)
4/ Be precise, agile like a cat.
5/ Always be ready to buy and sell and never assume anything.
6/ Be defensive and cut losses without blinking
7/ Continue to sharpen your precision guided swing trading.

Precision Guided Swing Trading Test

1/ What is precision guided swing trading?
2/ What is high probability trading?
3/ Difference between a specialist swing trader and precision guided swing trader.
4/ What is the trading drill?
5/ What is the trading triangle?
6/ What is a top-down or different times frame trading?


Precise swing trading is the next step that a normal swing trader ought to

take to reduce the losing rate. It is like being a sniper swing trader who rarely

miss the target whatever the market environment. Even if one is already a

profitable swing trader, there is always room for improvement. One wants

to stay focus, precise, resolute and sharp in all swing trading decisions. Surely, one

is not leaving anything to chance but take control until one gets paid.

Those rough-edged swing trading skills will become smooth and sharper

as one is starting the precise swing trading tactics.

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