Stochastic, MACD, Bollinger Bands Plus Day And Swing Traders

Learn How To Day And Swing Trade Using Stochastic, MACD, Bollinger Bands Like A Pro

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Pattern 1

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Pattern 2

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Pattern 3

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Pattern 4

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Pattern 5

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Pattern 6

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 1/ When can one give priority to a bearish      

     price pattern?

2/ When can one give priority to a bullish price


3/ What are the market patterns?

4/ What is the difference between a price 

    pattern and a market pattern?

5/ Priority to bearish price patterns in bearish 

    market.  Yes or No?

6/ Priority to bullish price patterns in a bullish

    market.  Yes or No?

7/ What are the three important things in 


8/ Value, support and resistance are important

    in trading.  Yes or No?

9/ What is value?

10/ How to use the first and nearest support 

      level after a sell signal?

11/ How to use the first and nearest 

      resistance level after a buy signal?


12/ What is a primary trend line?

13/ What is a negative slope?

14/ When can one sell at a support level?

15/ When can one buy at a resistance level?


16/ The price is always trending.  Yes or No?

 17/ The price does not always trend.  Yes or No?

18/ Tell us five bearish price patterns.

19/ Tell us five bullish price patterns?

20/ What is the five per cent money 

       management rule?

21/ What is a stop loss?

22/ What is a trading system?

23/ What is a trading robot?

24/ What is the difference between a trading

      system and a trading robot?

25/ What are your trading weaknesses?

26/ What is the validation of support and 

      resistance levels?

27/ A bearish price pattern equals sell.  Yes or


28/ A bullish price pattern equals buy.  Yes or


29/ A bullish signal equals look for an 

      opportunity to buy at a value level?  Yes 

      or No?

30/ Indicators always give the signal, not the

       price.  Yes or No?

31/ Price always give the signal.  Yes or No?

32/ Markets' patterns are more important 

      than the price patterns.  Yes or No?

33/ How did you find this test?

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