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Knowing How To Trade

Today, I want to talk about knowing how to trade.  This is important because many know how to trade but struggle to get something out of the financial markets.  Hopefully by the end of this article one will learn few tips and tricks that will help.
Let's get started.

Knowing How To Trade In A Nutshell

One that knows how to trade can teach another how to trade.  

So, if one is wondering how do I know that I know how to trade, it is really simple.  Can one teach another person how to trade successfully?
If yes, then one knows how to trade.
All good?  Great! 

Now, allow me to ask that question one more time?  Can one teach another person to trade successfully?

Some may say; yes George.  No doubt about it.  I have students doing well in the markets, but I do not know why I am not making it myself.  

Another may say uhm! ah! ouch! I am not sure George.  If that is you then please keep learning and improving more and more without stop.  

Others may reply: sorry mate, I can not, I am not there yet.  Few may come up with other reasons and so on.

Naturally, most will not lie that they have taught anyone to successfully to trade like a pro. Moreover, those who confirm that they can teach how to trade are  probably telling the truth because they realise that they know how to trade.  

Nevertheless, it does not mean that they are already taking money out the financial markets.  They have made great progress, but it is about time they start getting paid as they truly deserve it.

Transition Between Knowing
How To Trade And Getting Paid

What I have found is that most traders who know that they know how to trade and want to get paid often become very defensive, prudent and conservative during that transition.  

They become the opposite of themselves when they were beginner traders.  They know they can improve and want to improve.  They also take less trades because they are looking for quality high probability trade setups.  

Most also begin to review all their losing trades.  At the same time, those who have not yet learnt to use the Elliott wave principle, Fibonacci and fundamental analysis begin to do so.  They also start using the 5% money management. 

What is going on is similar to a consolidation before a breakout.  That is normal.  That process can take three to five years or more with few years of absence in the financial markets.  Though, people will think that it is over, it is not yet over because the trader has that certainty that he or she can trade and now wanted to get paid for it.

No one is going to stop him except himself.

As long as the trader is aware of his state, and what he is going through, he will finally break free and start gaining.  All it needs is a shift or change of mindset that will occur after two or three specific winning trades.
Have you missed what I have just said.  You did.  No worries, let me explain it to you one more time.

For trader to break free and begin to get paid, all that is needed is a shift or a change of mindset after two or three specific winning trades.  Does it make sense?  Not yet?  Please stay with me because once you get this you will probably thank me for a long time.

You see, the trader knows that he knows how to trade.  That is what I call the moment of knowing how to trade.  When that happens, the trader will have no doubt about it.  

He is certain that he knows how to trade.  That is why he or she is unhappy when he or she is not getting paid yet.  However, the problem is his mindset.  

He is still focussing on losing trades instead of winning ones until one day after two or three winning trades, he takes a pen and paper and writes down why and how those trades were so great or sweet.  

Now, he only wants to focus on those profitable strategies and financial instruments.  He has found his winning formula that he wants to concentrate on.  That trader will finally get paid.

That is it friends, that technical trader or investor will never be the same again because he can trade and has a winning formula.   

The difference between one that can trade and one that gets paid as a trader is that the latter has a winning formula.  

When a trader who knows that he knows how to trade finally finds his or her own winning formula then the waiting time is over.

What To Do After Breaking Free
As A Winner Trader Or Investor?

It is time to polish and test over and over that winning formula.  

Please be patient and composed.  You are ready to get paid, and you will if you do stay calm but focussed.

Resist the temptation of going back to the queue by changing that winning formula as soon as a losing trade occurs.  

One does not want to go back to the exploration stage on the level one of the ladder of trading and investing.  That would negate everything.  Hold onto  that winning formula for good, and just keep pruning and testing it.  

One must write down financial instruments that have responded positively consistently throughout the testing.  Be sure to time stamp all winning trades (what times?) during the testing the formula is at its optimum performance.

One wants to know what is working more, and only focus on those.  There is no more room to switch to that old mindset of a loser.  Remember, it is all down to a sudden change of that old mindset.  

It will be like, oh yes that pain is gone, I am not feeling that pain  anymore in my leg.  

You see?  So what you do next?   You will stand and walk because you know how to walk (in the case, how to trade).  Now, you have a winning mindset or formula (no more pain, no more loser mindset).  Now you get it.  

In fact you have it so much now that you can now own it.  Name it; name that winning formula like you will name your pet.  Am I going too deep?

Good Start As A Profitable Trader

Please do not start by splashing trades all over the place.  Do not overtrade or invest like a mad bullish investor.  Just start a little because the markets will still teach you to be humble.  You know some days, the market will clearly tell you to go away.  Just do that.  

Never fight the markets, but flow with it.  Take small losses and do not let them grow big.  As long as you do not think that you know it all or you do not care about other market players, you will have your lunch and eat it without indigestion.  

Well, that is all I wanted to say about knowing how to trade.


Surely, knowing that one knows how to trade will make one determined to get paid as a trader.  It will happen in few minutes after two or three specific winning trades that one will never forget.  

That mindset swift from a loser to winning will instantly help one to transit from a trader who just knows how to trade to one that actually gets paid consistently.  Though the transition phase can be at least three years, the swift happens like the baptism of fire.

It is always a great pleasure for me to write this article like many others.  I started helping other technical traders since 2010 and my delight is always the same.  I hope many traders will get paid and begin to enjoy their lives as traders or investors.

If this article is helpful, please share and bookmark it.  That will mean a lot to me and keep me going.  Thank you for reading.
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I wish you the very best.

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