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Learn How To Day And Swing Trade Using Stochastic, MACD, Bollinger Bands Like A Pro

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High Probability Free Trades

To build a profitable trading or investing portfolio, one ought to prioritize high probability trading setups.
Though, there are always losing trades, high probability trade setups allow market participants to reduce 

risks in the financial markets and to gather steady profit.

One can compare a high probability free trade to a racing course.  Often, a Formula One driver is less 

likely to run into the fence or take a wrong turn if he already knows very well the track.  Similarly, a trader 

who masters a high probability trade setup has a tremendous advantage.  He does not need to gamble 

or guess what is likely to happen, but he is well prepared and skillful enough to manage that trade.  

In fact all professional traders have a compilation of high probability trade setups that they trade without 


Remember the saying: know your setups and trade them.  Now, it makes sense more than before. 

The advantages Of High Probability Free Trades

1/ Control, reduce and minimize trading risks.

2/ Better risk-reward ratio.

3/ High winning rate.

4/ They do not violate basic technical trading principles.

5/ They make trading more simpler.

6/ They remove the emotion out trading.

7/ They promote discipline in trading.

8/ They facilitate stock screening.

9/ They help improve technical trading.

10/ They help create trading plan and watch-list.

Five Bullish High Probability Free Trading

1/ Bullish chart patterns that are often form on a signal time frame, but at a higher time frame key level.
For example a weekly double bottom chart pattern that is form at quarterly key level or a four-hour double 

bottom chart pattern that is formed at a weekly chart high impact key level.

2/ Higher low that follows a lower high

3/ A higher low after a bullish chart pattern.
For example, a higher low after a double bottom chart pattern.

4/ Price breaks above a bearish trend line and the CCI 14 crosses the zero line.

5/ Trading volume is increasing in a downtrend but the price is not forming a new lower low.

How To Use High Probability Trading

A high probability free trading setup is not a trading signal.  Therefore, if one identifies a high probability 

trading setup, one must apply a different times frame trading method.  By using different times, one will 

be able to time the trade more accurately, and avoid entering the trade too early or late.  If one identifies 

a high probability free trading setup but one does not use different times frame, one can  squander a 

reliable trading opportunity.  

Consequently, it is not sufficient to identify those top-class trade setups but take them like a professional 

trader.  Indeed, if one knows that a stock is about to rise, but one buys it at a wrong price and time, one 

may still lose.  Evidently, a high probability trade is non beneficial to traders who do not know how to trade 


Basic Characteristics Of A Genuine High Probability

1/ They are founded on market stable data.
2/ They do not violate fundamental price structures.
3/ They are generally valid on all time frames.
4/ Their trading signals are more reliable in comparison to others.


Profitable trading is also about high probability free trading .  They go hand in hand. Truly, the first step to
profitable trading is to find a high probability free trade.  Moreover, to avoid gambling in the financial markets, 

it makes sense that one prioritizes high probability trade setups.  Finally, high probability trade setups generate 

valid signals. They help traders to maximize profit and reduce risks.


1/What is a high probability trade setup?
2/ Name three characteristics of a high probability trade.
3/ How to avoid squandering a high probability trade?
4/ Name two bearish high probability trades.
5/ Name two bullish high probability trades.
6/ What is a top-down trading method?
7/ Give an example of a top-down trading method.
8/ What are the advantages of high probability free trades?
9/ What is a low probability or useless risky trade setup?
10/ Is there a guaranteed trading setup that does not require risks control and why?