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Learn How To Day And Swing Trade Using Stochastic, MACD, Bollinger Bands Like A Pro

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Day trading foundations

The most challenging form of trading is day trading. It is extremely
addictive but more interesting. With the advent of online day
, retail traders constantly clash with professionals in the
financial markets.

What are the foundations of day trading?


Image =  A stock chart displaying a typical day

trading setup that adheres to the day trading


Day trading is entirely distinct from swing trading and scalping.
Indeed, a day trader does not possess identical mindset like other
traders.  He is agile as a cat. Professional traders understand their
genuine trade structures, risk threshold and the properties of the
assets people are day trading. Furthermore, they master their entries.
An intraday trader is a specialist who expertly adopt the ensuing
four foundations.

1/ accurate timing,
2/ awareness of the time of the day,
3/ trade management,
4/ and the adherence to the three market patterns.

Accurate day trading timing

A day trader does not take unto himself the entire day
to reach a decision. Therefore, the preparation for day trading will
simplify one's task. He or she must dodge quite a few day trading
faults throughout the market session to stay away from depleting
trading account.

The first hurdle is to time buy or sell orders on the edge
of a trend line, support or resistance levels at a low-risk entry
point. This passion with accuracy grants real time traders the
the urge to engage in many trades within two to four hours per
trading session.

To improve their timing, professional day traders utilize the trading
drill. It is a day trading strategy that employs multiple time frames.
Here are the steps:

1/ trade setup time frame,
2/ signal time frame,
3/ and proper entry time frame.

Note that this strategy is the top-down trading method.

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Title:   Day Trader Using A Top-Down Trading Method

Description:  This is a real time explanation of a top-down

trading method. Besides, that is as well called multiple

time-frames trading method.  This day trading strategy

consists of adopting several time-frames for the setup,

signal and  the entry. Improve day trading by implementing

a top-down trading trategy.  Get started.


Recognition of the time of the day

The conventional time for day trading is the first two-hour-period
just as soon as London, New York and Hong Kong stock markets

Day traders ought to bypass the gap space between the indicated
period up to the subsequent opening bell.  For illustration, if one
is day trading during the earliest two hours when London opens
 (8AM to10AM), one will cease from 10Am until New York opens
at 14.30PM.

The objective is to evade misleading trade setups
that oftentimes emerge during such time as the market is readjusting
itself for the NY session.
One is further managing frequent rush in volatility that matches high
impact economic news between 13.30PM and 14.30PM
(London time).

Indeed, most retail day traders are oblivious of those market protocols.
The Indicated traders routinely take on high-risks that wash out their
earlier winnings.

After the gap period, one can additionally trade during the closing hour.

Day Trading management

Day trading necessitates a comprehensive attention, but also discipline.
Disciplined day traders are always ready to close bullish trade in the
first and the nearest support. That which is the minimum profit; one
would secure or take. Others likewise, agree that the least target for
bearish trades is at that earliest and imminent support level. Those
sharp market players hastily submit their stop loss to the breakeven
spot to avoid that a successful trade becomes negative.

Aside from those easy day trading rules, intelligent day traders usually
implement the 5% money management rule.
For instance, people will stay away from speculating more than $10000
if their trading account is $200000. The present tactic habitually
safeguards them against undesirable market events that can clean out
trading account without prior signs.

Furthermore, one of some pitfalls of day trading is large losses.
Accordingly, professional day traders sliced wastes before all mature
into monstrous ones.
The purpose is to subdue losing trades as soon as possible.

In this attempt, day traders also avail themselves of adequate
stop losses between ten to thirty pips for low volatile stocks.
Nevertheless, they will use bigger stop losses for major volatile stocks,
merely only for trade setups that allow highly rewarding risk-reward
It is imperative to remember that their trade management significantly
enrich their overall survival as profitable market members.

Day trading and three market patterns

The most well-guarded code to a thriving day trading is the market
Key point one ought to grasp:

1/ a day trader must identify the market pattern on the setup, signal
and entry time frames,
2/ he or she should not infringe it on any time frame,
3/ he or she must arrange the entry time frame with the signals.

Here are the three market patterns:
1/ the rising channel,
2/ declining channel,
3/ and the horizontal channel.

Suppose the trade setup is price retested the edge of the lower band of
a soaring channel after exhibiting a higher high on the four-hour chart.

Wherever, one adopts the thirty-minute chart as the signal time frame,
a bullish signal will be the retest of the current bearish channel after
the price breakout of that declining channel.

To finish the top down trading strategy, a day trader may use the
five-minute chart as an accurate entry.
In that instance, the entry will be the price retesting a declining
channel on the edge after cracking out (including the common sense
trend line is also broken).


To improve day trading, one must gradually learn to master day
trading’s foundations
. They are easy, but one requires disciple and
patience to reach maturity. Surely, one will start improving as

soon as one begin to implement the foundations of day trading.


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