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Forex trading education (Introducation)

These Forex trading education videos are carefully prepared to help Forex

day and swing traders understand: the Foreign exchange market, how

to trade currencies like a professional trader and how to avoid common

Forex trading errors.  To learn effective practical FX trading strategies

that work. 

Start your Forex trading education today.  Fully watch each

unique video (in your own time) to boost your currency trading skills.

This page is for Forex traders who are willing to know exactly how

to trade various currency pairs without going round and round.

Good luck.



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What is Forex Trading 




Forex Trading Education | Forex Top-Down Trading Education



Forex Trading Education | Forex-Top Down Trading Education

is a currency trading tutorial that reveals to Forex traders how one can
implement a top-down trading strategy using multiple time frames to

detect the following:

1/ high probability trade setup on a higher time frame then switch
    to a medium period chart,
2/ reliable trading signal on the medium time frame without
     violating the three market patterns,
3/ and the best low risk entry point on a short term trend time
Warning:  When one is applying a top-down trading system, one ought

to guard oneself from ignoring the current market environment and

prevailing pattern.
Though this tutorial is primarily geared towards FX traders,
it is also suitable to stocks and commodities traders. 
This is a live day trading demonstration of top-down trading
method; trading the Euro-Dollar on the 13 November 2015
during the New York session.

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