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Forex Trading Hours

To improve Forex trading, it is paramount that one understand how the 
Forex trading hours do affect trading results.  A Forex trader can quickly 
begin to boost trading results if he or she pays attention to FX market
trading hours.  It is very simple because all one needs to do is to avoid
the rocky hours of the Forex trading

One wants to be disciplined in a way that one will only trade FX during
the most rewarding Forex
trading hours.   It is not only about knowing those hours, but most
importantly understanding what is taking place during such and such 
hours.  This is about knowing how does the Forex trading work in real

Allow me to add also that the knowledge of Forex trading hours
will help one to start trading currencies like a pro.  I wish I knew about
the best Forex trading hours when I was a beginner Forex trader. 
I would save all those sums of money that I have dumped and
wasted in the currencies market.  

The problem that many Forex day
and swing traders are facing is the addiction to FX trading every
hour because it is a 24-hour foreign exchange market.  With the advent 
of more powerful smart phones and Forex trading apps, nothing can
stop one to place a trade anytime even in the bathroom.  Indeed, the
problem of many part time Forex traders becomes even bigger when they refuse to learn how to trade Forex like a professional.

Forex Trading Hours To Avoid

1/ Avoid placing a trade as soon as London, New York, Hong Kong,
or Tokyo opens.  Allow the first thirty-minute candlestick bar to close
before placing a trade.  You do not have to place a trade just because of
that, but only if there is a viable trade.

2/ I recommend that Forex traders avoid trading Tokyo and Hong Kong
trading hours.  If one decides to trade those Forex trading hours, one must proceed cautiously, and be ready to close all day trades before London opens.

3/ Never leave FX day trades open between an FX market closing bell and another FX market opening.  For example, it is better to reduce exposure to the currencies market as a day trader between Hong Kong closing hour and London opening hour.  Similarly, one will behave in the same way between London closing hour and Tokyo opening and again from 12:00PM London time and 14:30 London time.

4/ On Fridays, avoid trading by all means after the first two hours when London opens and after one hour when New York opens.  You do not want to hang around to long on Fridays.  Avoid trading the crazy Forex trading hours of Fridays.

5/ It is not worthy jumping into the hot waters of the FX market as soon as it opens on Sunday.  It is highly speculative and risky.  Wait until the first thirty minute candlestick bar is closed on Monday after London stock exchange opens.

6/ Avoid at all cost Forex trading hours between London closing and opening and you will leave a happier life as a foreign exchange trader.  In fact, if you follow just that tips, you will thank me in the future for saving you from all sort of money wasting demons.

Best Forex Trading Hours

The general rule about the best Forex trading hours is to trade currencies only and only if the market is liquid and efficient.  In other words, trade it when more trading activities are taking place (liquid market), and most importantly when the market is not distorted or likely to be manipulated (efficient market).

For me and other FX traders that have lost so much money in the Forex market, we know and understand that the best Forex trading hours are the first two hours when London or New York opens.  That is it.

As a Forex day trader, try everything to stick to those FX trading hours.  A swing trader will enter a swing trade during the same hours, but will be very careful when entering a swing trade on Mondays.  That is a different
topic that I will be discussing later.

In truth, it is not how often one is placing trades all over the place that will make one more efficient in the Forex market, but how agile and attentive one is in regards to the Forex trading hours.  

One can deploy the best trading systems or strategies, but if one does not understand how to play the game of Forex trading hours, one can gradually waste vast amount of money.  Though, professional FX traders do sometimes trade outside the best currencies trading hours,
they know the risk that they are taking. and try everything to be very defensive.  

Like a fisherman who knows the best times to fish, Forex traders must at the early stage learn how to trade during Forex trading hours.

So now that you know it, do try your best to adhere to the best Forex trading approach in relation to the Foreign exchange
trading hours.  

I hope this article will be useful to you, and help you to improve Forex trading.  If that is the case, do not hesitate to share it on the social media.  In the next article, I will be writing about Forex trading days.  Stay tuned.

This article is written by George Beaulieu