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Learn How To Day And Swing Trade Using Stochastic, MACD, Bollinger Bands Like A Pro

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Day trading strategies using MACD

Day strategies | MACD


   Image = a bar chart exhibiting 

      the standard MACD (12,26,9)

      with the words: Moving Average

      Convergence Divergence.

To achieve consistently profitable trades, an intraday trader applies trusty
day trading strategies
.  A day trader must examine and retest every

strategy employing a demo account.  Besides, a day trader ought to carry

all tests during a real-time trading session in the prime three hours if

London, New York or Hong Kong stock market open. 

This work aims to show financial markets how to apply MACD indicator's

day trading strategies by mixing the hourly and fifteen-minute charts.


Creating MACD day trading strategy

1/ employ the specific standard MACD indicator (12, 26, 9),
2/ draw flat support and resistance levels on the hourly graph,
3/ select converted support and resistance levels on that hourly chart,
4/ switch to the fifteen-minute chart and order when the standard MACD
indicator crosses above its signal line on or near an hourly converted
support level (which is presently noticeable on that fifteen-minute chart).
5/ sell on that fifteen-minute chart every time that standard MACD
crosses below its signal line on or near a converted resistance
level (this is from the hourly chart).


MACD day trading strategies builder

To develop the current day trading strategy, one will involve the standard
MACD on the fifteen-minute chart whilst merging the hourly plus
fifteen-minute charts.  Evidently, the setup occurs on the hourly graph,
still the signal takes place on the fifteen-minute chart.

See that a converted support level is a resistance that folds into a support
after a convincing breakout. Correspondingly, a converted resistance level
is a support that turns into a resistance level after a genuine breakdown.

Final point

A certified day trading strategy assists professionals to abstain from senseless
reactions.  Moreover, it further empowers them to make consistently effective
decisions.  Nevertheless, just those that master how to day trade will deliver
greater gains.  Day traders ought to endeavour to master day trading

strategies plus implement them without overlooking both market conditions

and sentiment.

Now watch the video about day trading strategies using MACD.

Author = George Beaulieu 

 Title: Day Strategies | MACD

 DescriptionDay trading strategies using MACD

 indicator while combining the hourly and 

 fifteen-minute chart.  Improve day trade now.


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