Stochastic, MACD, Bollinger Bands Plus Day And Swing Traders

Learn How To Day And Swing Trade Using Stochastic, MACD, Bollinger Bands Like A Pro

Best Stochastic Trade Like A Pro

The slow stochastic indicator of George Lane is one of my best technical

indicators.  Its ultimate purpose is to isolate the best bullish and bearish

divergence trading setups.  Do not just use the slow stochastic as a tool 

for overbought and oversold trading.  

It is like buying a Maserati Quattroporte for farming activities.  

The stochastic oscillator deserves better.  

However, apart from using the slow stochastic for divergence trading 

purposes, I have discovered thirteen specific slow stochastic indicator 

patterns.  Those are reliable trading setups that one can use for day, 

swing and position trading purposes.

For example a technical trader who is trading like a pro, identifies a 

a distinctive slow stochastic pattern on the daily or two-day chart, will 

 also implement a different times frame trading method to enter the trade 

on the ten or twenty (or 15M) minute chart.  

A scalping trader may identify a reliable slow stochastic

pattern on the hourly chart, and drop down to the three-minute chart to

enter the trade.  

Another example would be a position trader who knows how to 

position trade without ignoring the fundamentals can isolate a slow stochastic

pattern on the quarterly chart, and use a top-down trading method to enter

the trade on 2H or 4H chart.  

Also an avid day trader who begins to day trade 

like a professional will look for one of those robust slow stochastic patterns 

on the 2H or 4H chart before using a multiple times trading approach to enter

the trade on 3M or 5M after the trading signal is activated on the 15M during

the first two hours when London or New York stock market is open for trading.

Well, a TSTW 24 day trader who is using the TSTW 24 can purchase the 24SP

trading material at the webstore (of  Then, one will use 

any of those thirteen specific stochastic patterns as a trading setup.  Next, 

the TSTW 24 day trader will go to the first best time frame of the TSTW 24 

day trade system to take a valid trading signal on the edge of a trend line 

or key level drawn from a higher time frame.

The 24SP trading material is the only trading material that reveals the thirteen

specific slow stochastic patterns.  As I said before, apart from using the slow 

stochastic oscillator for divergence trading setups, one can also use the 

thirteen specific stochastic patterns to unroot excellent hidden trading 


Of course, all TSTW SYS 008 swing traders have the 24SP trading material,

and do not have to purchase it separately.  In practical swing trading, a 

TSTW SYS 008 trader should not limit himself or herself to the daily chart.

He or she can look for juicy slow stochastic patterns on any higher times frame,

then switch to the TSTW SYS 008 signal time frame, where one will be waiting

for a clean trade signal on the edge.

So here we are talking thirteen specific slow stochastic patterns or 24SP trading

material.  You may wonder why, I care so much.  The first reason is because of 

the trading drill.  

1/ One must have first an invitation card or good reason to participate in any trade.

That is the setup.  Hold it for a second.  

Image I invite you to a party but the venue 

in next to your worst enemy's house.  Will you come?  May be not.  

Or you may take adequate measures before turning up.  Yes or no?  Good.  

I always say to both day and swing traders this "be selective and defensive."

Many technical traders have been complaining about the trading signals for 

years for the wrong reasons.  The truth is that one can not expect a robust or

reliable trading signal from a useless, risky and wrong trading setup. 


That is right, it is the trading setup that commands the trading signals.  Then the

trading signal will command the trade entry.  All in all, the foundation of the whole

trade is the trading setup.  That is why I recommend the thirteen specific 

stochastic patterns to day traders, scalping traders and swing traders that are not

TSTW SYS 008 swing traders.

The setup, signal and the low risk entry point is what I mean by following the trading

drill like a pro.   As the professional traders always say "know your setups and trade 

them like a pro."

Though, I offer a full refund within the first fourteen days to those who have 

purchased either TSTW 24  day trade system, and TSTW SYS 008 swing traders, 

I do not offer refund on the 24SP trading material (the trading material that reveals 

the thirteen specific stochastic patterns).  

I want that to be very clear.  Also a TSTW SYS 008 trader does not

have to buy the 24SP material because it comes with the TSTW SYS 008 swing 

trade system.  A TSTW 24 trader can separately buy the 24SP material.  

Remember, there is no refund for 24SP material.

Are you a day trader?  Are you an active scalping trader?  Are you a swing or 

position trader?  Well, one will use the thirteen specific stochastic patterns for 

trading setups.

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