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  1. What is TSTW

    TSTW stands for Trading Systems That Work

  2. How many TSTW do we have?


  3. What are the TSTW?


    TSTW24 SYS08

    TSTW24 SYS008

    TSTW24 SYS0008

    TSTW24 SYS00008

  4. Which TSTW is so far released to the public


  5. What is the TSTW24?

    TSTW24 is a trading method or a trading system, it belongs to the group of

    TSTW and is the first TSTW released to the public

  6. Is the TSTW24 a trading software or a trading robot?

    TSTW24 is neither a software nor a robot

  7. What is a trading system or a trading method?

    It is a carefully tested and retested set of instructions or 

    activities to teach or to help someone who is serious about trading to 

    trade like a professional trader or to improve considerably his trading in order to achieve consistent winning trades. 

  8. Is a trading system or method usually a written document?


  9. Do trading systems contain indicators?


  10. How does one use a trading system in trading live?

    One must do exactly as the trading system said.

    Place the indicators of the system on your chart

    Buy or Sell when the system says, one should buy or sell according to the system's document.  Do everything the system said one must do at a particular time.

  11. What can we compare a trading system to?

    We can compare a trading system to a trading teacher or a trading coach

    we can compare a trading system to a trading master sitting next to you, telling you exactly what to do in order to achieve consistent winning trades.

  12. Do all professional traders have a trading system?

    Yes, all serious professional traders have a trading system.

  13. Why is it important to have a trading system that works?

    It is more than important to have a trading system that works because 

    you are competing with the best traders in the world any time, you enter a trade and if you do not have a plan or strategy in place or a method that you can count on or rely on, you will not achieve consistent winning trades but you will surely give away your hard earned money, one way or another in the short or long term.  Make no mistake of that.

  14. Can one lose money with a trading system?


  15. Why can one lose money with a trading system?

    If your system is useless or not tested properly, or based on some crazy

    observations instead of valid observations on the price, you may lose money.  You can also lose if you are not applying the system as it says or you are mixing it with other systems.  Or you are not discipline enough to focus and do as the systems says.  Or you are not serious at all about trading or you are a gambler who is looking for some magic formula that will make money for you fast when yourself, you are not ready to lift even one finger.  

  16. Can you master a trading system in one day?

    Few can master a trading system in one day but generally, one will take few days to master it and get the best out of it

  17. What is the difference between a trading system and a trading robot

    A trading system teaches you how to trades, allowing you to follow the instructions and to make the choice whether to take the trade or not.  It helps you to become a better trader if you are serious about trading.

    On the other hand, a trading robot just shows you the signals but does not tell you anything more.  It really makes you a useless trader, does not teach you how to trade.  It makes you a slave and a useless trader on your own.

  18. Who uses trading robot then?

    Most people dreaming about a quick fast easy money without any effort.

  19. Can I learn to trade like a pro by using a trading robot?


  20. Can a valid trading system help my ability to trade?

    Yes if you put in effort and willing to learn and follow the instructions.

  21. Do I need a special software before I can use the TSTW24?


  22. Do I see colour green on my screen when I have the TSTW24 green signals?

    No.  Green signals are the names given to the bullish signals of the TSTW24. And red signals are the names given to the bearish TSTW24 signals.

  23. What is the winning rate of the TSTW24?

    80% winning rate

  24. Is the TSTW24 a valid tested and retested trading system?


  25. How do I get the TSTW24?

    Instant download of the TSTW24's document if you pay with PAY PAL

    but we will sent it to you via email if you chose the Google payment option of debit or credit card

  26. Can you send the TSTW24 anywhere in the world?

    Yes if you have an email address.

  27. Does Georgetrio use the TSTW24?


  28. Does Georgetrio try his best to help TSTW24 traders get the best out of the system?


  29. I am already a TSTW24 trader, can I contact Georgetrio about my use of the TSTW24


  30. I am a very unlucky person, can I use the TSTW24?

    Some are born lucky but some use tool that works:  TSTW24

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