Stochastic, MACD, Bollinger Bands Plus Day And Swing Traders

Learn How To Day And Swing Trade Using Stochastic, MACD, Bollinger Bands Like A Pro

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

17/ Traders must always evaluate the risk-reward ratio

before taking the signal.  Agree or disagree?

18/ Traders must always take every signals even if

the signal is doubtful.  No or No?

19/ An impatient day trader is usually a very smart

trader.  Yes or No?

20/ What should one do if the signal is not set properly?

21/ Name five economic news sources.

22/ is the website where Forex

traders orders their lunch.  Yes or No?

23/ What is Google finance?

24/ What is Yahoo finance?


Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

41/ Name three day trading rules.

42/ The slow "stochastic" indicates the position of the closing

price in relation to a range.  Yes or No?

43/ The Commodity Channel Index (CCI) compares the price

to a moving average.  Agree or disagree?

44/ Moving Average Convergence-Divergence ("MACD")

compares a moving average to another moving average. Yes or No? 

45/ How to trade the slow stochastic?

46/ How to trade MACD?

47/ Sometimes, one can sell when MACD is crossing the

zero line.  Yes or No?

Watch this

48/ What is a market watch?



Part 7

49/ What is multiple time frames "trading"?

50/ Why one should always draw trend lines?

51/ What is a positive correlation?

52/ What is a negative correlation?

53/ Name two financial assets that are negatively correlated.

54/ Name two financial instruments that are positively correlated.

55/ EURUSD is negatively correlated to the USDCHF.  Yes and Yes?

56/ EURUSD is positively correlated to the S&P 500?

Part 8

57/ The price often rallies or drops to retest

a broken trend line.  Yes or No

58/ What is ABCD pattern?

59/ What is ABCDE corrective wave, talking

about Elliott wave theory?

60/ What is  ABC correction (Elliott wave "trading")?

61/ "How-to trading" the oversold CCI indicator?

62/ How to trade the oversold RSI indicator?

63/ Explain MACD's zero line and how one can trade it.

64/ Timing the entry point is crucial to all serious

day traders.  Yes or No? 



Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

81/ One should always blame brokers for

all losses.  Yes or No?

82/ Filtering false signals is as important as

recognizing true signals.  Yes or No?

83/ One should always be ready to cut losses

when one is day "trading".  Yes or No?

84/ "Day trading" is about changing trading

systems after trading systems without being

disciplined.  Yes or No? 

85/ The laziest day "trader", at least must

draw all supports, resistances, trend        

lines and channels on the hourly chart. Yes or No? 

86/ How to use the hourly Bollinger bands (50,2)?

87/ What are market protocols?

88/ What does professional "trading" involve?

Part 12


Part 13

97/ What is an index?

 98/ What is the 70% index trading's rule?

99/ Which important economic news is usually

released on Wednesdays?

100/ One should pay attention to the indicators

instead of the price.  No and No? 

101/ "Trade" the price before everything else.  

Yes or No?

102/ Price must confirm all signals before a "trade".  

Yes or No?

103/ What is a valid support or resistance?

104/ How to filter out MACD's false signals?


Part 14

105/ Why market's leaders are essential in day "trading"?

106/ Name two leaders for Nasdaq 100 index.

107/ Name five leaders in Dow 30 index.

108/ Name two "market" indicators.

109/ What is the difference between a 

market indicator and a traditional technical

indicator such as "MACD" or "Stochastic"?

110/ "Trading" test is always useful.  Yes or No

111/ I promise to share this "about trading" page

with my fellow traders, using the share buttons

on top this page.  Agree or disagree?

112/ How did you find this "test"?  Useful or

pointless?  Now rate it with Google 1+ on

top of this page.