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Mastering Top-Down Trading Method Like Top Technical Traders Part One

Learn how to master the top-down
trading method like the top technical traders using short, medium and long term trends.  The top-down trading method is also called:
1/ different times frame trading method or
2/ multiple times frame trading method.  Moreover, top-down means from a higher time frame (top) down to lower time frame.
Indeed, when one is using a top-down trading method, one is using multiple times frame or different times frame to analyze the chart in view to make timely and profitable
trading decisions.  Though, it is easy to quickly understand what is a top-down trading method, it takes time before one can truly master it.  

To master the top-down trading method, one should be patient, and use a demo account to develop the skills to use the top-down trading method in the financial markets like the top technical traders.  One more thing, do not give up, but continue to polish those skills until you reach perfection.

Talking Points

1/ What it takes to master the top-down trading method like a top technical trader.
2/ Identifying a higher time or long term trend.
2/ Aligning the medium term trend with the higher time frame or long term trend after a contra-trend (pullback or rally) in view to pinpoint a valid trading signal.
3/ How to enter the trade after the trading signal is in place by aligning the short term trend with medium.
4/ Talking about practical use of different or multiple times frame (top-down) trading method.

We encourage technical traders to watch in full this essential trading tutorial, so they can begin to master the top-down trading method.  Truly, to trade like a pro, one must master the top-down trading method.  It will need a bit more work, and time but one can not skip the learning curve or goal to use a top-down trading method like a professional.
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